Psychiatry • Therapy • Pharmacy

At Mind Health Group, we seek to partner with you to enhance your emotional well being and quality of life.  In addition to developing a thorough understanding of your medical condition, we get to know you as a person. Learn more about us here.

Our services are currently delivered through three divisions:

Summit Psychiatry designs a personalized plan based on your specific diagnosis and symptoms. This process is a comprehensive approach that might include lifestyle and dietary changes, psychiatric medications, talk therapy, and more.

Life Skills Village is a rehabilitation and mental health provider. We specialize in the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive treatment of individuals – adults, children, and adolescents.

At Peak Pharmacy, we hand deliver psychiatric medications prescribed by Summit Psychiatry providers right to your door, often the very next day.  As a physician-owned, clinically-operated pharmacy, we recognize the health and well-being of our patients above all else.

What you say about us says a lot about us.

Each of our patients has a unique story. We highlight some of those stories here.


Our Team is Our Family

We know that being a psychiatric or therapy patient isn't easy.  Your comfort with our practice is critical to your care.  We are and seek to further develop a diverse staff that reflects the communities and people we serve