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What is Speech Therapy?

Life Skills Village’s Speech Therapy team works to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat cognitive-communication, speech, language, social pragmatics, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

Cognitive Evaluation and Rehabilitation

  • Cognitive-communication disorders include deficits with organizing thoughts, attention, memory, planning, reasoning, and/or problem-solving. These disorders may occur following a stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and/or neurodegenerative disease, or they can be congenital.

Speech and Language Evaluation and Intervention

  • Speech disorders occur when a child or adult has difficulty producing speech sounds clearly, intelligibly, or fluently (e.g., stuttering is a form of disfluency) or has problems with his or her voice or resonance.
  • Language disorders occur when a child or adult has difficulty understanding others (receptive language), or verbalizing wants, needs, thoughts, ideas, and/or feelings (expressive language). Language disorders may be spoken or written.

Social Pragmatics or Social Skills Training/Re-Training

  • Social Communication disorders occur when a child or adult has difficulty with the use of socially appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills. These disorders may include problems; communicating for social purposes (i.e., greeting, commenting, asking questions), modifying communication style within different settings and with different people (i.e., work, interpersonal relationships), and following socially appropriate rules for conversations. These disorders may occur in individuals with traumatic brain injuries or autism.